Have you ever sent an email and immediately regretted it? Maybe you noticed a critical typo, mistakenly included the wrong recipient, or shared sensitive information unintentionally. Don’t worry, In this article, we’ll show you how to recall an email in Outlook, the popular email client. By following our step-by-step guide, you’ll gain the power to rectify those email mishaps and save yourself from potential embarrassment or miscommunication. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can take control of your sent emails in Outlook.

What is Email recall in Microsoft Outlook?

Email recall allows users to retract emails in Microsoft Outlook they have sent, erasing them from the recipient’s inbox as if it was never sent in the first place. Using this feature, you can undo sending emails in Outlook rectify mistakes, prevent sensitive information from reaching unintended recipients, or update an email’s content. 

Limitations and Considerations of Email Recall

However, it’s essential to note that email recall is not a foolproof solution and comes with certain limitations while using the recall feature in Outlook. A few are mentioned below:

Time Limit for Recall

Email recall in Outlook is subject to a time limit. After 120 minutes have passed since the email was sent, the recall feature may not work as intended. Therefore, It is imperative to begin the recall process as soon as you realize the mistake.

Recall Compatibility

Another factor to consider is that email recall may not always be compatible with the recipient’s email client. If the recipient is using a different email service or version of Outlook that doesn’t support email recall, your recall attempt will be ineffective.

Checking Outlook Recall Settings

Before attempting to recall an email, you should verify if the recall feature is enabled in your Outlook settings. To do this, 

  • Open Outlook and navigate to the File tab. 
  • From there, select Options and click on Mail in the left-hand menu. 
  • Scroll down to the Send Messages section and ensure that the Undo Send option is checked.

How to Recall an Email in Outlook- Steps-by-Step

Step 1: Open Outlook

Launch the Outlook on your computer. Ensure that you are logged in with the account from which you sent the email you wish to recall.

Step 2: Go to the “Sent Items” Folder

In Outlook’s navigation pane, locate and click on the Sent Items folder. Basically, this folder contains all the emails you have sent.

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Step 3: Double-click on the Email to Recall

Scroll through the list of sent emails and find the one you want to recall. Double-click on the email to open it in a separate window.

Step 4: Click on the “Actions” Tab

In the top menu of the email window, click on the Actions tab. There are several options related to email actions on this tab.

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Step 5: Select “Recall This Message”

Within the Actions tab, click on the Recall This Message option.

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A drop-down menu will appear with two choices: Delete Unread Copies of This Message or Delete Unread Copies and Replace with a New Message. Choose the appropriate option based on your requirement.

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Step 6: Choose Recall Options

If you selected the option to replace the email with a new message, a new window will open. Here, you can make any necessary changes to the email content or attachments before sending the replacement.

Step 7: Confirm the Recall

After making the desired changes or if you chose to delete the message, click on the OK button to initiate the email recall process. Outlook will attempt to recall the email from the recipients’ inboxes.

After recalling a message, a confirmation will appear on your screen to notify you.

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Verifying Email Recall

5.1 Checking Recall Success or Failure

To verify whether the email recall was successful or not, navigate to the Sent Items folder again. Look for a recall notification email, which will inform you about the success or failure of the recall attempt.

5.2 Notifying Recipients about Recall

If the recall was successful, recipients who have not yet read the original email will receive a notification informing them that the message has been deleted. However, if the recipients have already read the email or the recall failed, they will not receive any notifications.


Recalling an email in Outlook can be a lifesaver when you realize you’ve made an error in your message. However, it’s important to remember that email recall is not guaranteed to work in all situations. Therefore, it’s crucial to double-check your emails before sending them to minimize the need for recalls. With the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide on how to recall an email in Outlook equips you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to rectify any mistakes or issues that may arise in your email communication. 


Unfortunately, if the recipient has already read the email or moved it from the inbox, the recall feature in Outlook will not be able to retrieve it.

No, email recall is a feature available only in certain versions of Outlook, such as Outlook for Microsoft 365, Outlook 2019, and Outlook 2016.

When you recall an email, any attachments that were included in the original message will also be removed from the recipients’ inboxes.

Email recall in Outlook only works when the sender and recipient are using Outlook and Exchange servers within the same organization. It does not apply to emails sent to non-Outlook email addresses.

If email recall is not available or not successful, an alternative is to send a follow-up email acknowledging the mistake and providing the correct information or explanation.


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