How to Stop Getting Emails from Reddit

Have you ever found your email inbox flooded with notifications from Reddit? While staying up to date with your favorite communities is essential, the constant stream of emails can be overwhelming. In this article, we will guide you on how to stop getting emails from Reddit and regain control over your inbox. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Reddit Emails

Reddit, the popular online platform for discussions and content sharing, often sends email notifications to its users. These emails can include various types of updates, such as new posts, comments, or trending discussions from subreddits you follow. While these notifications can be informative, they may not align with your current preferences.

Reasons for Receiving Emails from Reddit

There are several reasons why you might be receiving emails from Reddit. When you create an account on Reddit, you are subscribed to certain notifications by default. Additionally, if you’ve participated in discussions or subscribed to specific subreddits, you may receive email updates for those activities. However, the good news is that you have the power to customize your email preferences.

The Importance of Unsubscribing

Before we explore the methods to stop getting emails from Reddit, let’s highlight the importance of unsubscribing. By unsubscribing from unwanted email notifications, you can declutter your inbox, reduce distractions, and focus on the emails that truly matter to you. It’s all about taking control of your digital experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Stop Getting Emails from Reddit

Method 1: Changing Email Preferences

Step#1: Log in to your Reddit account and navigate to the settings page. 

Step #2: Look for the Email Notifications or Preferences section. Here, you have the option to alter your email preferences and choose the specific notifications you want to receive. 

Step#3: Personalize the settings to match your preferences and save the modifications.

Method 2: Unsubscribing from Specific Email Notifications

If you only want to unsubscribe from specific types of email notifications, you can do so by following these steps. 

Step#1: Locate an email from Reddit in your inbox and scroll down to the bottom.

Step#2: Look for the Unsubscribe or Manage Preferences link and click on it. 

Step#3: Upon clicking, you will be directed to a page where you can access and modify your preferences.

Method 3: Adjusting Subscriptions on Reddit

Another way to stop getting emails from Reddit is by adjusting your subscriptions directly on the platform. 

Step#1: Log in to your Reddit account and visit the subreddits you are subscribed to. 

Step#2: Look for the Joined or Joined/Leave button and click on it to unsubscribe from individual subreddits. 

Step#3: By doing so, you will reduce the chances of receiving email notifications related to those specific communities.

Method 4: Deactivating Your Reddit Account

If you no longer wish to use Reddit or receive any email notifications, you have the option to deactivate your account. Keep in mind that this is a permanent action, and you won’t be able to recover your account or any associated data. 

If deactivation is the right choice for you, go to the account settings and look for the deactivation option. Kindly follow the instructions provided in order to successfully complete the process.

Tips to Manage Email Notifications

While stopping Reddit emails is a great step, managing email notifications effectively can enhance your overall online experience. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Review and update your email preferences regularly.
  2. Customize notifications based on your interests and priorities.
  3. Utilize filters and folders to organize incoming emails.
  4. Consider using third-party email management tools for advanced control.
  5. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists or newsletters to minimize clutter.


Now that you have learned How to Stop Getting Emails from Reddit. We hope by following the above mentioned strategies, you can regain control over your inbox. Take charge of your notifications, declutter your inbox, and enjoy a more streamlined online presence.


 Yes, you can still use Reddit without receiving email notifications. Simply customize your email preferences or unsubscribe from specific types of notifications.

Yes, you can temporarily stop Reddit emails by adjusting your email preferences or disabling specific types of notifications. You can always re-enable them later if needed.

Yes, you can unsubscribe from individual subreddits to stop receiving emails related to those communities. This allows you to filter the content and notifications according to your preferences.


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